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Psychic Parties

We are delighted to be able to host your next gathering, celebration or party and add a fun, interactive twist by supporting your guests to try their hand at a range of intuitive and spiritual activities. Whether its learning how to read oracle cards, use a pendulum or experience a full on seance - we can create a gathering your guests will never forget.

We have created themed parties but if you have a desire to do something that we haven't thought about, give us a shout and we will see if we can create something for you.

All materials and equipment will be supplied. All you need to do is to bring your guests, food and refreshments (A kitchen is available for use).

Costs are dependant upon the package and number of people.

Be your Own Oracle

Learn how to use oracle cards in a fun and interactive way.


Let us hook you up with an amazing card reader so your guests can all have their own card reading during your event.

Consult the Tea Leaves

Learn how to read tea leaves and have a tea leaf reading with a tea leaf reading expert

Intuitive Play

Have a go at some fun psychic development exercises designed to help you to tap into your intuitive senses

A Spiritual Experience

Communicate with spirits using tried and tested methods of old fashioned spiritualism.  Learn how to tip tables and glass move and communicate with the spirits who love this way to chat.

Dowsing Play

Learn how to use a pendulum like a pro and master the art of dowsing using rods.

Crystal Energy

Experience the amazing energy of crystals as you learn to open yourself up to the vibration and love of the crystaline kingdom.

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